Business Litigation

As a business you make decisions every day. Those decisions may lead to lawsuits with customers, vendors, partners, distributors or other entities.

The litigation that results from your decisions, such as lease disputes, breach of contract lawsuits and other commercial disputes are an unfortunate but inevitable byproduct of business.

When you are involved in a dispute, you can rely on the attorneys at The SOS Law Group to assist you.
We have attorneys who have represented small, medium and large companies including Fortune 100 companies in resolving disputes and litigation matters in commercial law areas such as:

  • Breach of contract
  • Commercial collections
  • Business buyouts
  • General litigation
  • Government contracts

Being a business litigation attorney does not just include actual litigation. We use our extensive experience to help our clients craft documentation and policies that avoid litigation and, in the event of a dispute, we can help with both formal (lawsuits, liens, etc.) and informal (negotiation, mediation, arbitration) dispute resolution. Our goal is to resolve your dispute as quickly, amicably and for as little cost as possible.

An attorney that understands your business is better at understanding your needs. The attorneys at The SOS Law Group are not just attorneys – we are business owners and entrepreneurs. This allows us to more quickly understand your needs and keep your costs down.

For business counsel or litigation services, contact The SOS Law Group at 1-(443) 393-3380

General Civil Litigation

The SOS Law Group consists of attorneys who have represented clients in the Maryland District and Circuit Courts, as well as the Maryland Court of Appeals, local Federal Courts, and state and federal administrative agencies and boards.

We can help you with a broad range of disputes from mediation, arbitration, litigation and appeals. The cases we handle include:

  • Personal injury – car accidents, slip & fall, pedestrian accidents, dog-bites, etc.
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Breach of contract
  • Consumer law
  • Insurance disputes
  • Business law – including shareholder, partners, corporate and consumer disputes
  • Real estate – including modification, foreclosure defense and short sales
  • Commercial litigation
  • Employment law

Our experienced attorneys have handled a wide variety of legal and litigation matters.

For business counsel or litigation services, contact The SOS Law Group at (443) 393-3380.