Foreclosure Defense

The SOS Law Group represents people who are in financial trouble.

If your lender is threatening you with foreclosure, fight back, save your home and defend your rights!

Our attorneys have helped hundreds of clients through difficult times, either by helping them avoid a foreclosure altogether or by minimizing the damaging legal and financial impacts effects of foreclosure.

Call us today to create a personalized loss mitigation strategy for you.  We can help you with:

  • Loan modifications
  • Short sales
  • Bankruptcy
  • Legally required lender/borrower mediation
  • Lawsuits against lenders
  • Emergency actions to stop foreclosures

Forensic Audits

There are strict government rules and regulations surrounding the disclosures and paperwork that must be given to you when you obtain a consumer mortgage, as well as when the lender tries to foreclose on your home.  At times, these disclosures and paperwork are legally deficient but you, as a consumer, may not understand how and when those deficiencies occur.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with loan documentation, and will conduct a forensic audit on your loan and foreclosure file.  We will put your documentation under a legal microscope, including a vigorous examination of all documents.  This examination will reveal previously unknown defenses to the foreclosure action which, in turn, can give you strong leverage against your lender in negotiating a loan modification, short sale, or stoppage of a foreclosure action.

If necessary, we can even file legal paperwork in Court asking a judge to dismiss your foreclosure.

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