Consumer Law

We are all consumers. We make purchases, sign contracts or use and pay for services from others. Sometimes when we make purchases or receive services, we believe the selling or servicing parties have taken advantage of us, acted illegally, or violated the agreement they had with us. An example is the purchase of a new vehicle that has continual problems, in which case the seller can be sued using the “lemon law,” or any number of other consumer protection laws.

The attorneys at The SOS Law Group have successfully represented clients in numerous consumer related matters, including:

  • Problems with retail stores
  • Issues with loan or other contract documentation
  • Lemon laws or vehicle problems
  • Suits against large companies, including insurance companies
  • Service contracts – gym contracts and other long term contracts

Debt Harassment

Through many years of congressional investigation, our government has found abundant evidence of abuse, deception and harassment by debt collectors, and that these unfair practices continually contribute to bankruptcy, marital instability or divorce, invasion of individual privacy and job loss. Because of this, both federal and state governments have enacted laws protecting consumers from unfair, abusive and deceptive collection practices.

Despite this, many creditors and debt collectors intentionally ignore these laws and continue to use deceptive, abusive and unfair debt collection practices against consumers. If you feel as though you have been a victim of this type of illegal activity, The SOS Law Group can help.

We assist consumers who have been illegally harassed by creditors or debt collectors. Using state and federal consumer protection laws, we can put a stop to harassing and abusive creditors or debt collectors and even win money judgments against them.

We assist clients with:

  • Debt collection harassment
  • Consumer law
  • Debtor defense
  • Unfair and deceptive trade practice issues
  • Telemarketing, telephone & fax abuse
  • Mortgage fraud & abuse

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