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Need a Short Sale Attorney? If you are unable to make your mortgage payments and can’t sell your home because your mortgage balance exceeds the value of your home, you may be entitled to the benefits of a short sale. If you are considering a Maryland Short Sale in Maryland call The SOS Law Group for a free consultation with a Short Sale Attorney experienced in getting results.

The Short Sale Attorneys at The SOS Law Group have helped hundreds of clients with different loss mitigation strategies, including short sales. We can do everything from completing the short sale package to negotiating on your behalf with your lender. We can even assist you with listing your property with a Short Sale Realtor certified in distressed properties. Simply complete our Fast Contact Form and a Short Sale Attorney will be in touch with you immediately.

Short Sales FAQ’s

What exactly is a short sale?

Why would my lender agree to a short sale?

How is the short sale process initiated?

Will a short sale stop my upcoming foreclosure date?
What factors does the lender consider in approving the short sale?

What happens if I have two mortgages?

What happens if my Home Owner’s Association (HOA) has filed lien for delinquent HOA dues?

How could a mortgage insurer become involved in the short sale process?

What is the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure?

What are the alternatives to a short sale?

What are the tax consequences related to a short sale?

What are the credit consequences related to a short sale?
What will happen to the deficiency from the short sale?

What is the Home Affordable Foreclosures Alternative Program (HAFA)?
Are servicers participating in HAMP required to participate in HAFA?
How does HAFA work?
Does HAFA provide any other financial incentives?

If I choose to participate in HAFA, do I need a real estate agent?

Can I be in bankruptcy or foreclosure and get short sale approval?

How do I start the short sale process?


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